The languages of art & story-telling permit cultures to work with the malleability of taboo and interrupt chronic violence.

Imagine living in a place that doesn’t have vocabulary to discuss the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of men and boys, and where societal precedent actively encourages people to distance themselves as far as possible. Now try to start a conversation from that place.

Tristan's Moon is a Real Stories Gallery Foundation (501c3) advocacy and educational initiative, bringing greater awareness through the arts of the breathtaking neglect being endured by male survivors of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, and the consequences of living with HIV/AIDS-defining infections & diseases.

The quality of life for survivors, their families and friends, and the quality of service provided for survivors by caregivers, medical providers and legal counsel, are all profoundly affected by the perceptions and behaviours expressed and tolerated by communities surrounding survivors' lives.

Tristan's Moon is a survivor-led art installation (photography, poetry, video, sculpture, storytelling), and an accompanying webbased exhibition catalogue (

The online exhibition catalogue extends the reach of the artists and poets courageous and compassionate art installation, and provides a framework for the body of research being so generously shared with us all by cross-disciplinary professionals, caregivers and advocates working to raise the quality of life for survivors.

Real Stories Gallery Foundation wishes to thank the following remarkable people for contributing to the Tristan's Moon art installation and online exhibition catalogue:
  • Professor Samuel Vincent Jones (USA)
  • Betsy Cavendish (Executive Director, Appleseed)
  • Dr Wynne Russell (CSDev Associates)
  • Dr Brian Willis, JD, MPH (Health Advisor, ECPAT)
  • Professor Silvia Koller (Brazil)
  • Professor Marcela Raffaelli
  • Professor GuStavo Carlo
  • Melvin Burgess (author, Nicholas Dane)
  • Olga Byrne (Vera Institute of Justice)
  • Elise Miller (Vera Institute of Justice)

**names are added as research papers are uploaded to the exhibition catalogue.

  • Sexual Violence Research Initiative
  • Appleseed (a network of public interest justice centers). USA/Mexico.
  • Vera Institute of Justice
  • Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Sciences)
  • Jovenes Inc
  • Henry Holt & Andersen (publishers)
  • Show Me Your Life/ Smash Street Boys/ Cinematheque

Real Stories Gallery Foundation believes that children should not be punished for being sexually abused and sexually exploited, and that the children's best interests are served when they have a safe place to live and grow up in. **The United Nation's defines a child as person under the age of eighteen years old.


Real Stories Gallery Foundation shall always be amazed at the generosity of our friends; jumping in with their hands, skill and compassion. Together we have built an art studio-gallery. Tristan's Moon will provide a safe home for survivors' stories, until some distant generation turns to ask: what were they doing, what were they thinking, how could they allow it to happen.

We thank everyone for their courage. We are acutely aware it is not easy to get involved without the protection of hindsight or distance.

Real Stories extends a huge thank you to Ernest Pignon-Ernest for your immense compassion and generosity. We are so thrilled that a full-size print of your remarkable "Jean Genet" street art work, will be placed on the outside wall of TRISTAN'S MOON (art studio-gallery).

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