TRISTAN'S MOON art installation (detail from "AT-RISK-FOR unnecessary premature DEATH")

In the constricted universe of the at-risk kid, addiction and the issues of addiction, both socially and medically, are hard realities no one in this context can escape. They are ubiquitous to culture.

Sucht der Junge is not at-risk for addiction. He’s an addict. That is not how he sees himself. Does it matter how the kid sees himself. This one sees himself as a dancer.

At-risk for sexually transmitted disease cannot be applied to a kid who has HIV. That train left the station.

At-risk for addiction cannot be applied to a kid who is already incarcerated by a court to a drug rehab program.

The kids are already there. By throwing around the term “at-risk,” we are perpetuating a denial the kid is already aware.

I don’t know what Sucht der Junge is at-risk for. Maybe everything. There are quite a few people who would like a piece of it.

I would argue that it’s the culture that is at-risk.

But no matter what, the kid simply seems to keep on dancing. Show me your life.

Sucht der Junge (Show Me Your Life; Art Video 2010)

“Shrink” a performance by Lawrence Malstaf
Iris van Herpen. Fall 2014 collection at Paris Fashion Week (2014)
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