Medical Submission

that which you are denying us

we should never have

had to ask for

It is common for homeless youth to be turned down from medical and government benefits due to lack of identification documents such as I.D., social security card, birth certificate, proof of address, and proof of income. It takes great effort from clients and case managers to get past those challenges because it involves numerous visits, phone calls, and letters, as well as having to go through long and complicated processes that cost money clients don’t have, to obtain the documentation required to submit an application. In addition, lack of access to a telephone, transportation barriers, poor health, trauma and other psychological disabilities, along with substance abuse issues, commonly get in the way of homeless youth obtaining services and benefits. When youth are facing all these ailments at once, they are challenged to prioritize their activities. Healthcare enrollment activities also primarily occur at health clinics and hospitals, which aren’t places where youth would be prior to a health crisis. [see,].

People Wonder, a poem by Damyon (13)

People wonder why I hate my life

I hate my life because I am now

always forced to be around doctors

I hate them and I hate what they do

2 me and i hate nurses most of all

because they humiliate me and I

hate them and I do not want none

of them touching me again

Physicians and Medical Personel: Please pay attention to nonverbal signals. Survivors find physical contact threatening.

Scar Tissue: Male Survivors, Rape Group

Boys who have been raped.

No one I know talks about being raped. I don’t. I want to forget it. Not talk about it.

Just who you gonna tell, Bubba. You tell these guys. Because they know what the fuck you are talking about.

Lift up your shirt.

Cuts. Scar tissue.

Last night at the rape group, we all seemed to gravitate to how each one of us is doing at whatever primary care or HIV clinic we go to.

Not well.

Social workers think we are just being difficult. We do not always do what we are told to do.

But several of the guys in the group told stories about how they completely broke down and broke apart at clinics where they felt that the caregiver had trespassed. The consensus was just do not go back.

That IS one answer.

The other answer is to never, ever, ever just turn control over your own body over to anyone who has simply turned you into a box of check lists to be checked so that THEY can continue to receive their federal funding.

Survivors of rape are just going to have to stand up for themselves like any other group. It makes more sense to take control of the process (you do not have to submit to any treatment modality you do not want) than to completely break down.

My own response is to ask the caregiver questions until I am satisfied I understand the answer. I am not obligated to cooperate with anyone.

And they will not touch me without my consent.

Give them no wiggle room. Why should you break down when their system is what’s broken down in pieces.

Some guys are still in the it was all my fault syndrome.

"Men think boys who do sex work are never raped. I was raped. RAPE is REAL. Y R men stupid. U know nothing about sex work. RAPE destroys boys."

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