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to rust

Getting Fucked at the Homeless Shelter. A poem by

the bullet

          that goes through

Cort’s brain

whizzes by              overhead

missing me

                       by less than

an inch

                 I am so lucky

Now I can live long enough

                 to go get fucked in the ass

by the older men

                in the homeless shelter showers

where I shit out their cum

so no eyes could see

               the blood and cum go swirling

down the drain

I am too tired

              to care

My Tricks All Have Big cars. A poem by Miguel

My tricks all like showing off. Driving big car tricks. Big Cock Daddy for his little boy. You want to put your tongue you Big Daddy in my shit hole will cost you twenty bucks.

You want me to shit in your mouth will cost you a hundred. The cops said I beat one trick up pretty bad. But if you eat my shit and you do not pay me I am going to beat you up Big Car Daddy. You want to suck my titty will cost you one whole dollar.

I only eat shit if Daddy gets me needle high. You do not taste it then.

I piss on you will cost you fifty bucks. Your car will smell like pee. I gotta calculator running inside my head like the nurses have when you go the ER with like some pimp has broke your bones. Clicking off the numbers you will owe them.

You wanna come in my mouth will cost you seventy-five dollars upfront. You wanna cum in my hole will cost you an ounce of coke. I am supposed to be impressed by Daddy and his big old car.

But all dicks taste the same to me. I don’t own a car. You gotta be careful with the tricks cuz after they cum they want you out of there. They throw me out. And then they burn rubber out of there. Sometimes I wonder what kind of houses they live in.

All I know is that the houses must be big. You gotta big house and a big car and a heart smaller than my left tit in a deep freeze.

A Boy is Wearing Gloves by Dmitri (12)

Sometimes men want me to play dress up.

I like gloves.

I do not like no hoods.

I want to see his face.

I want to see his eyes.

Sometimes even if you can see the trick’s eyes.

He might hurt you anyway.

If he puts a hood on.

It means he wants to whip me.

Men hate women.

They do.

Be very careful.

When you dress up.

If it is like a woman.

You can be hurt.

They will beat you up.

I call this Boy in Blue.

I made him blue.

Cuz you cannot see.

His bruises 2 good.

I took them out.

Mine do not go away.

They are forever.

So now I am in hiding.

Inside the Buddha.

Where no one can hurt me.

Or beat me up.

I had these sheets. A poem by Trig

I had these sheets

I took many of the men who paid me to have sex with them to my clean new sheets

Like snow

I was making love in snow

Only really I was fooling myself we were making love

Cos’ they did not love me.

It is hard to love me.

You have to be very strong. To do it

Even I cannot do it.

I will admit it, that I wished some of them might love me.

Might take me to his home, in his arms

But it is a joke. It could never happen.

They just wanted to come in me.

I just wanted to buy food.

When they left that little motel room I lived in,

I would try and not watch them go.

Cos’ I was always looking, at how his shit messed up my sheets.

Oh, before you know it. You will be on your knees.

My sheets in the backyard wind, were avenging angels


with swords.

Behind My War Paint haïtienne par Anton

Je ne suis pas simplement invisible. Je suis gravement invisible.

Régulièrement il appartient entre les baraques en tôle.

Rêves invisibles de mes sœurs. La boue.

Un pied fracassant dans le noir. la

nuit qui tourne au chien que les roches

aveugle. Il n’y a pas de nourriture et le sommeil gonflé

rues sont vides. Le virus est le sang

de la mort.


Shujaat’s Bus by Shujaat

the men who put us on the bus had guns

i did not want to go on that bus

but they will kill you so we all got

on the bus and some of them were

crying but not me cuz i knew i

would run away fast and i better

not rite about it to much cuz

those men are looking for me

and they will kill me


Sex Work by Wilson

His cock tasted like burnt chocolate.

His tongue was acid.

Eating through me.

His finger in my hole suspended like my pills.

The big blue ones calling Mama.

My head like hot syrup.

Aunt Jemima drowning.

In the backseat of a car.



If you tape the xrays up

to the window you can

see inside my head. My

tricks always smile and

they think they know

what motivates me. But

they are wrong. I do

not hate anyone even

when I look inside of

them and see all the

vacant spaces of their

bleeding and their holding

on so tight to me my

lungs are crushed.


When I have no food by Trece

When I have no food

Then I get these shakes

And I have to lay down

On the floor where I

Sleep and put my coat

Over me so I can try

To stop shaking.

Bugs in my Hair by DeMarian

They said I had bugs crawling in my hair.

Daddy shaved my head that time.

Then he poured kerosene on me.

Stinging my candle eyes.

With burn.

Then when I got the virus.

He could not make it better.

Or cut the thing out of me.

And he kicked me out and I could feel the cold wind around my head.


I have a bag when I am turning tricks @ night

keep my phone on and run the video when

          I get  into strange cars

Sometimes I let them take me 2 their homes

I always try 2 get the numbers of the address

You better charge more if they take you home

I do not like 2B totally naked when I am

          turning tricks

Then if you R naked they want to tie you up

If they gag you it means it is going 2 hurt

Do not go down into his basement

I hate it when they cum in my mouth cuz

          it tastes very bad

You can shoot junk 2 help you do it

The tricks do not want 2 see you shooting junk

Do it in the bathroom

Try not 2 show the trick yer arms

If a trick sees tracks he will want 2

          save you

Tricks who want 2 save you are dangerous

They get mad when you relapse

Tricks think you live in a house

The trick will beat the fuck out of you

Their wives are never home

I always wonder what the

           wife looks like

A picture of the trick with his family

          will probably be on the wall somewhere

Do not let the trick see you staring

          at the picture

The tricks R always afraid of their wives

Tricks always ask 2 many questions

They are very nosey and want 2 know

          what turning tricks is like

I can only do it if I am high

If a trick throws you out of the car and

          you get hurt

Carry a first aid kit in yer bag

Like green snot cumin out of your piss hole

          is bad and it will hurt

They always want yer name @ a clinic

If you give yer real name they can find you

You might need the 2 or 3 IDs you buy

A small shoulder bag is better than a big one

You might have to run

A trick might say he is out of money

          after they fuck you

I carry a knife

The end 

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