to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way, is not easy (Aristotle)

Our art is simply ART.

What is SHOCKING is that young homeless, displaced & neglected boys living in the heart of our communities, are being sexually abused and sexually exploited, and criminalized and punished. What is SHOCKING is these boys, after everything they have endured and been forced to do to survive, believe there is nowhere that is safe for them to run to and grow up in.

"Recall The Red Hexagon"" by Valmonte Sprout
Tristan's Moon Street Art Event
(smash street boys festival)

"We may be powerless to bring about social change. But we must never fail to protest."

Real Stories Gallery Foundation feels angry that after everything a young male survivor has endured it is not easy for him to feel safe; often not even for him to feel safe enough to share his story. And we feel angry that it is not easy for caregivers to secure either support or funding for initiatives created to raise the quality of a survivor's life.

We believe the voices expressed in Tristan's Moon are angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way.

If we do not address the human rights abuse being endured by young males today, who will apologize on our behalf. And will the young males who survive have the will or compassion to forgive us tomorrow.

"We may be powerless to bring about social change. But we must never fail to protest."

Tristan's Moon Art Installation (detail from underground railroad carriage No. 2). 'When this baby boy grows up he will first be sexually violated and then be humiliated and neglected by the adult-led communities surrounding his life'
**please note. no children were harmed in the creation of this artwork: life-size newborn-baby-boy toy doll, white feathers, child-friendly sandbox sand, metal cage for puppy. There are no "please do not touch the exhibit" signs on the artwork and the cage door is unlocked.

'Boy Reaching.' Tristan's Moon Art Installation (photographic collage)

I hear your agony in the words and images you use.
Yes, you are a man. You have faced more than most men ever have to.
Yes, you survived out there alone.

In the USA today, there are 19 million men with histories of childhood sexual abuse.  These statistics are likely an underestimate [see].

The numbers are staggering. The culture of silence is staggering. The consequences for survivors is staggering.

It is within this context that sexually abused and sexually exploited boys are forced to navigate to secure places where they feel it is safe enough to tell their story, safe enough to access appropriate & consistent healthcare & support services, legal counsel & representation that serve their best interests, and safe enough to access strategies that permit a young male survivor to visualize and choose to reach for an adulthood that is not burdened by the pain of just plain remembering. 

My Tricks All Have Big cars. A poem by Miguel (14)

My tricks all like showing off. Driving big car tricks. Big Cock Daddy for his little boy. You want to put your tongue you Big Daddy in my shit hole will cost you twenty bucks.

You want me to shit in your mouth will cost you a hundred. The cops said I beat one trick up pretty bad. But if you eat my shit and you do not pay me I am going to beat you up Big Car Daddy. You want to suck my titty will cost you one whole dollar.

I only eat shit if Daddy gets me needle high. You do not taste it then.

I piss on you will cost you fifty bucks. Your car will smell like pee. I gotta calculator running inside my head like the nurses have when you go the ER with like some pimp has broke your bones. Clicking off the numbers you will owe them.

You wanna come in my mouth will cost you seventy-five dollars upfront. You wanna cum in my hole will cost you an ounce of coke. I am supposed to be impressed by Daddy and his big old car.

But all dicks taste the same to me. I don’t own a car. You gotta be careful with the tricks cuz after they cum they want you out of there. They throw me out. And then they burn rubber out of there. Sometimes I wonder what kind of houses they live in.

All I know is that the houses must be big. You gotta big house and a big car and a heart smaller than my left tit in a deep freeze.

Times Square billboard.

Tristan's Moon Art Installation spilled out onto the cobbled streets in New York City for an advocacy street art event. Professional performance artists, poets, dancers, musicians and friends came together in response to the survivors call for greater awareness and a humanitarian response that raises the quality of life for young male survivors.

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