I am so sorry you were hurt.

You are NOT alone. Millions of men and boys have experienced sexualized violence. You do not have to move forward alone. Actually, survivors find it easier to move forward with the support of people, who are aware of the diverse ways trauma is manifest for survivors.

You are NOT to blame for what was done to you or for what you had to do to survive. You do NOT deserve the pain. You will NOT become an abuser.

Survivors have many questions, often deeply personal and intimate. By choosing to share your story (knowledge and leadership) you will be creating an invaluable gift for THE SURVIVOR who finds us and recognizes his story in yours.

Your life is so valuable to me. Your survival skills are truly remarkable. Thank you for sharing them with Tristan's Moon.

Rachel Chapple, PhD
Social Anthropologist (SOAS)
Founder, Real Stories Gallery Foundation (501c3)

Please Note: We encourage the use of pseudonyms and voices expressed through the arts to protect identities and localities. Survivors are highly intelligent and creative, and extremely skilled at being able to read distinct social messages quickly.

USA: In 2012 the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) appealed successfully to the media not to disclose the names of survivors in the Jerry Sandusky case: “We wanted to support the young men who bravely came forward to tell what happened to them. And we wanted to support the media in their efforts to inform the public about child sexual abuse.”

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